Chances of him regretting (doubt it but I don't know...)?

so me and my ex took what I thought as going to be a short "break" because he wanted to finish a project he was very busy with. he had recently lost a lot of money because of personal reasons and he felt he couldn t offer me anything at that moment because aside from going completely broke a bunch of other stuff piled up. it completely wrecked him and he became so distant from me ( we still talked like nothing as if we were still dating except we wouldn’t see each other up to once every 2 weeks).

he kept telling me to be patient but would understand if I don t want to wait like he would. a month later he told me he asked out his friend because he thought I wanted nothing to do with him after we didn’t talk for like 2 days (he was being all dull, what was I supposed to do? just wanted to give his space). He started giving me all kinds of excuses saying he couldnt break up with her because it had only been a few days so that wouldn't be right, he kept saying he loved me and that she ment nothing. of course I believed him (we would cry every time we saw each other btw)

I became a crazy psycho ex-girlfriend (like most exes probably become because I hated the idea of knowing that he was with her) I wouldn’t stop texting him saying the same thing over and over again saying a few days is nothing compared to what we had for 2 years (part his fault for saying we should still talk and it was ok that I kept saying the same thing over and over, basically going crazy...) so he kept being with her like nothing and he then cheated on her with me.
I then became more crazier and he got so mad at me that he just completely stopped talking to me (I agree I went overboard)

few days later couldn t handle it talked to my parents and they made me realize that I should move on and I did. I dumped everything he ever gave me on his front lawn, he all of a sudden texts me the next day saying he was sorry (continuing)


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  • not very high.


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