Does anyone else feel broken from their ex like they can't feel anything for anyone else no matter how many dates they go on?


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  • No, feeling bad about a breakup is all about your own ego in my opinion. I either don't have much of an ego or I've got so much nothing can deflate it, I'm not sure which.


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  • I felt like that years ago and it was probably the right thing to feel. I owned my part of the failed relationship but also I owned that I was dating the wrong men and ignoring the signs.

    There are tons of good guys out there I just had to learn how to recognize them and quit dating the same kind of user/ loser guy. Took a few years but yeah it's nice once you do.

    • I mean If you can't get over hI'm doesn't it mean something?

    • Well unfortunately it does. If it has been over six months and you didn't date for years then it could be that you are depressed and the depression wasn't brought on by the relationship.

      Seek counseling and grow to experience a better relationship. Once again, no judgement I've just seen it before.

    • I am not depressed

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  • Absolutely. I think everyone feels that way. It's one of those sucky parts of life but it's going to take that one special date and it will get easier. You will be so happy that you met that person and they are probably closer than you think.

    • Yeah it didn't take me this long last time