How do I stop checking up on my ex boyfriend?

I blocked him on every social media, but there is this program called Steam that we both use. It's a "social media" for gamers, which we both are. I deleted him there as well, but the thing is that you can always just write someone's name and see if they are online or what they are playing. I fight with all my forces to not do that, but every once in a while I do. And I believe it's stopping me from getting over him. I don't want to stop using Steam because I love playing games, it's my hobby. I just wish if Steam wouldn't have that option. :(


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  • You both have Broke up and with this it appears here, dear, that you haven't gotten totally over him and Still... Check up on my ex boyfriend.
    It's tempting when you are just able to press a button to Look and lurk at what he may be doing. However, I commend you for some closure with this skeleton in your closet, who has been rattling your chains, that you have Begun your Beguine of 'Blocked him on every social media,' and are trying to put That to bed anyway. You are Half way there.
    Perhaps it is time to find a different 'Hobby' for awhile that may be worth your while to take your mind off of' 'Steam.' The More you use the Loving touch, the More time it will be for you to Keep you 'From getting over him,' and you will still always find things on There or just any social site if you even decide one day to be this Curious George and Unblock him, that may get You... Steamed.
    Good luck. xx

  • I can relate to that, but in my situation i kept checking my exes FB. I fought hard to restrain myself from checking it. It was causing me more hurt and preventing me from getting over him and moving on. It was like a force directing me to his FB page.

    Then one day i decided that the short - term pain of not checking on his FB or not knowing what he was doing, was worth more than the long - term pain it would cause me by keeping him my life by checking on him.

    I have not checked it in over a year and i really don't feel the need to now, and i don't want to either. I have moved on from him emotionally. You will too if you keep fighting to stop yourself from checking. Good luck 💜 xx


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