Hey guys help me please?

Hey guys I was seeing this guy for a while and honestly everything was perfect at on point he wanted to meet my brother to get to know him. He also wanted me to see his mother. Now that my brother has agree to meet him he freak out he's goes he's not ready for a relation or invest himself in something. He said he really like me and I don't told I like you to and I am scared I don't want to lose him and all he said was 'I don't want to lose you too but I don't want to give you false hope' what do I do I really don't want to lose him


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  • It seems like he was not ready for the meeting. I think he needs more time to think about this.

    • I don't want to lose him. He said he will speak to me and he hasn't I am giving him space and the chance to miss me

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  • ... Now that my brother has agreed to meet him he freak out...
    It Then here, dear, Became a Reality Check for him that moment that came down the love line which then wasn't His Time... For a relation or invest himself in something.
    He grew cold duck fee when it came the moment in time when the Big "C" as in Commitment hit him like a cold stone. He saw that things were Actually getting just a bit too cozy and comfy for his own liking and he didn't know what to do just then and there, so he gave you lame duck excuses to bow out graciously now.
    Many of today's toms are sporadic, unpredictable and get scared like a rabbit when they feel Johnny on the Spot many times, cornered into being hooked at the hip.
    It may have sounded like a Great birds of a feather at that given time, but Given this Sudden out of the blue Notice, he had a quick change of heart and it All... Fell apart.
    Go slow with his flow if you want to try and hang on to some sort of anchor now. Tell him you are fine with his decision, maybe things were going too fast, and you are willing now to go easy, tell him not to Freak out nor Frown.
    Good luck. xx

    • I already did. And I told him I don't want to lose you and his answer was simply I don't to make empty promises I don't know if you will or not. I really hope we go back to normal

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    • I didn't sleep yesterday and he knew about I posted on social media how many Coffees I had and he texted asking if I stop and I said yes I am just having fun and having a drink and he goes I am worrying about you meaning I am drinking to much to. Why pretend to Care. If he's not ready he will never be ready

    • He may still care but now that you have this Helpful Hint on his own end, he is going slow with his flow. It's Now your choice and your call if you want to continue with this or move on to a Real Relationship Life is a gamble but with him Talking to you here, dear, it looks like he is still in the running race.:)) xx

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