What would make an Ex-Girlfriend want you back more? Answering or Ignoring?

What should I do? I'm gonna ignore my ex when she texts me just so she can pay the price for what she did to me. Or should I reply to her ( even if its just to say something mean ) or i be matrue and have a conversation but keep my replies short. What would make her want me back more? Not answering? or answering?


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  • do whatever feels more natural to you. if you are really fake with her, she'll probably be able to tell and will only make you look kinda dumb in the end. ignoring her is probably the best thing, if ur trying to get her upset tho. being ignored is one of the worst things you can do to a female.

  • Always be mature so she can see what she's missing. If you ignore her and be mean she's going to be glad she left.


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