Do I forgive my ex and take him back?

My ex and I were together for 8 months then he broke up with me suddenly, he never contacted me during our 6 month break up. During the break I believe he turned to his ex for sex & comfort but he denies this, whatever happened they are no longer friends. He also slept with a girl who caused problems during our relationship in the break. I love him & I want to take him back as he makes me happy & I never moved on but I'm not sure if I can forgive him for what he has done. It depends if we can move on from it all once we are together but I don't know until we are or if I should even try. He said any other girl he was with only made him realize what I meant to him. I never found another connection like ours or anyone like him and he feels the same, so I am keen for another go but I feel he isn't being honest about his ex and I don't know if I can forgive him or trust again, only time would tell with us together but I need to know if I should give him the chance in the first place? I don't think I can walk away because of my feelings but I give him a chance how do I forget everything?


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  • I can't believe that this is a question? Cause the answer is so obvious. No do not take him back! He broke up with you, ignored you for six months, had sex with another girl, spent time with his ex and is now crawling back to you cause he is no longer friends with his ex. I stongly suggest that you forget him and move on... find someone who really appreciates you!

    If you still want to give things a try with him, ask yourself this...

    "Would he be trying to reconnect with you if he was still friendly with his ex?"


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