Have you ever gone back to an ex after breaking up?

Did it work out?

My ex and I have just become really great friends. But it's almost like he wants a second chance. But I've always thought whatever it was that made you break up the first time will still be there the second time around. =/

What do you think?


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  • He wants a second chance and you are now friends. This is a great thing to pursue. He learned his lesson and is at his humblest now he really wants you as more than a friend but wants to be there emotionally for you at your terms. He truly cares about you cause it probably hurts him day in and out just to speak to you but he doesn't want you to think he really isn't sorry if a man is willing to start from the bottom to re-win your love he's a keeper The only time you shouldn't give another shot is if you are not able to remain friends after an incident. give him a shot. Let me know if you take my advice. Good luck

    • Do you think so? Are you friends with any of your exes? I'm not sure if he wants a second chance. Sometimes he acts like he still likes me. I'm the only ex he's still close to so I have no one to compare myself with.

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  • I am going through this at this very moment. I don't want to admit it myself but yeah...whatever broke you up the first time will be there the second time. It sucks but we all just want to understand "why?" Why did you do this / that / whatever the case may be. And when the situation is comes up in the future...thats all you will think about until you know first hand that everything is ok and you had nothing to worry about...THAT TIME anyways.

  • Yes me and my now fiancĂ© remained friends for the entire 2months we were broken up though it had already been a 4 four year relationship. We got back together and now have been engaged for a year and a half. I have other ex's and I'm sure they still want to be with me just recently I bumped into one at the mall she started crying wanted a hug I said you will be just fine and keep walking (No I didn't give her a hug). A trust was broken in our past relationship that could never bring any kind of friendship, just know that friends make the best lovers so their are 2 kinds of break ups one that impacts your friendship and your relationship(F&R) or just your relationship(R) After R you can still be friends and laugh about the break, But F&R will always have burned feelings, Loss of faith in friend can only be patched but have lots of loose threads. Hope I helped


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  • i agree with search angel. I am speaking from experience. you broke up for a reason.

  • You're right

    and yes I did, but he hurt me even worse that time around.

    • Ugh see that's wut I'm afraid of. Because he's already changed for the better and he's still a work in progress. And understand sometimes it takes losing someone to appreciate that person. But I also don't wanna be the "test dummy" either.

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