Please tell me what you think of this. Anyone?

So I'm 24 and she's 17.

She broke up with me because she lost her feelings. We had a timeout and she watched a movie with a boy in his room in his bed. The day after she slept with him in his bed. She told me that she watched a scary movie and couldn't sleep, so she slept in his bed. That same boy tried to kiss her the week before. (Honestly, I think she cheated on me, but I probably never really know.)

now when we got back from our holidays, she said that she loved me and was going to miss me and she wanted it back like it was before. Being lovers like we always were. (Been together for 1,5 years)

of course it gave me some hope and we went no contact. I broke the no contact next day and logged in on her snapchat. (Shouldn't have done that. I know.) she was seeing her ex that night, they both went out. She called me and told me I didn't had to worry about her and boys, because she didn't want anything to do with boys.
She then blocked me on everything I could think off and told people she hates me and that's she's happy I'm out of her life.

5 days later on she was with a boy who basically lives in the same street where I do.
They've seen each other for like 5/6 days in a row and she's starting to fall in love with him. Then she's saying to a mutual friend that she really likes him but doesn't want to be in a relationship. How weird is that? Anyways. The day I saw that she was at his house I texted her to swing by to collect her last things. She said to our friend that she didn't wanted to see me or speak to me. Okay, cool.

thats a week ago. Today she called me 4 times, I didn't pick up the phone because I was at work.
then I checked my phone and got a text from her mum who's got borderline. Saying that she wants to come over and pick her daughters stuff up.
i told her that there's one person who can pick it up, and that's not you but your daughter. She didn't reply to that. End of story.

Everyone says that my ex girlfriend doesn't show any sign of sadness about everything what happened, about what she did. It's over, I know. I just have to get over it.

did it mean nothing to her at all? Or does it take time to realise what she's lost?


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What Girls Said 2

  • She is too young for you. She is a teenager, that is why.

  • it meant nothing.

    • How can you be so sure?

What Guys Said 1

  • From your story it is clear this girl does not know what she wants. Probably has nothing to do with you as a person. Do not focus on what women say, focus on their actions. Live your life you are young. If she comes back she will. If she doesn't consider yoursel lucky - you just doged a bullet!


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