Could he really still of cared for her?

Me and my ex was together 3 years, ridiclously close loving relationship, we was engaged, living together, trying for a baby and he brought my son up for 3 years as his own, their bond was beyond amazing they adored each other. We had only just booked and planned our wedding 3 weeks before he left. He left me and threw himself into loads of girls, including 3 of his exs.. 6 weeks after we split I found out he had a new girlfriend and it turned out she was one of these exs of his, he was with her in 2007, since then he's has quite a few relationships including me for 3 years.. 7 weeks after we split he's now met her child (which I think is ridiclously to soon and his new girlfriend is posting pictures of them having family days out. He completelt ditched my son (even though he said it was hard not seeing him. Someone has said he could of had feelings for her all along but I fail to believe this? could she just be the easy option?


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  • It's proabably REBOUND relationship. In my opinion.

    • Even though she's an ex? And he's now met her child?

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    • It's been since the end of May and he's not spoken to me.. he will only communicate through my Dad about the house, he won't speak to me at all

    • Try be you the first contacting him. He will start acting confused (wtf) because has passed so many mounths without you both talking.

      try remember him of good moments you both spent together, example:
      "Hey, I was just thinking about the time we went skydiving together. Man, that was exciting. I am glad we did that. “
      “Hey, remember the little restaurant where we had our first anniversary date? I just crossed it and it looks like they are closing down. It’s a shame because we had such a great time that day.”

      Also make him remember something happened in your life that reminded you of them, example:
      "Hey, I just watched the new season of Arrested Development. It reminded me of you. I actually had a smile on my face. :)"
      "Hey, I just read the new Harry Potter book. I am so glad you never told me the ending. Thanks :)"

      Just try talk to him normally and calm, but also remembering him the good moments you had together

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  • I doubt he was thinking of her while he was in a relationship with you. But really, you need to move on. You keep looking for new things to cause yourself pain.


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