Was I the rebound or is she?

After me and my ex broke up he started to date one of his exes again. Her name is Sarah. So the thing about this Sarah is that I also know her and everytime we ran into eachother she would ask me about Alex (That's him). She would ask how we're doing and she would be really nice. And the thing is that I never even thought that she might still like him or that he might still like her because they always acted so casual around eachother.. He would talk in a friendly way with her and she would joke around with both of us just like she always does with everyone. So I suppose that I never saw her as a threat because I just thought that what they had was no big deal. That's what he told me too and they didn't date for a long time what so ever. Plus a lot of people say that the girl is a slut. She sleeps around with guys and doesn't care... But I don't want to judge. Anyway I'm really confused why he's back with her again... I mean is she just a rebound or was I a rebound and he never really forgot her? Please help becasue I can't stop thinking about it and I can't get them out of my mind... I think I'm losing it...


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  • I believe if someone can remain friends with an ex... then they were never in love or they still are.
    In his case, i think they both still cared about each other , in a romantic way

    I don't think either of you were a rebound. I just think he's a player.

    Don't lose yourself to someone who doesn't care about losing you 💜😊 xx

    • Yes I see your point... Its just that he told me that it was just a brief romance and that it didn't mean much and when he said it, it looked like he was telling the truth... Plus I don't understand how can he be in love with a girl that anyone can have?

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    • Thank you for the MHO 🌷 xx

    • You're welcome, you were really helpful! :) <3

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  • you were the rebound.


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