Why would my sisters ex boyfriend do this after breaking up with her?

My sister broke up with her boyfriend a couple weeks ago, because she had found out he had been in trouble with the law before. Yesterday while she was at work, He broke into her house and ransacked and robbed the place. He took: $200 in cash, her clothes basket full of clothes, her toilet paper, her laptop, her wii, her nintento DS, Her video games, several DVDs, her TV, ransacked her bedroom, poured smirnoff alcohol on her bed, and broke her batman necklace, He however left her most prized possesions: Batman figures and scooby doo collectibles. Why would he ransackher house? Why pour alcohol on her bed? why did he leave the most prized possesions? has anyone had a similar incident before? We called the police and she has a warrant out for him.
I would welcome insight from both girls and guys on this matter


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  • Well, the guy obviously has mental issues. This incident should only solidify in your sisters mind that she did the right thing breaking up with him. Most normal people do not behave that way after a break-up. This guy is a criminal clearly, I hope they find him.

    • I do wonder why the alcohol on her bed. his car was repossed last month as well. It was a chevy Monte Carlo SS an very nice car

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    • Doesn't alcohol burn easily?

    • Yes, of course it does. If he wanted to burn it though then he probably would have.

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