Why is my ex-boyfriend talking in depth about current sexual relationship?

I started dating this guy back in October of 2007. We dated for about 10 months. He was just getting out of a bad marriage and I had been his supporting shoulder during his previous months of heartache and sorrow. The friendship turned into more and things were great, but 6 months into our relationship he still wasn't able to find a job and started drinking heavily, turned into an ass, was very controlling and manipulative, trying to pull guilt trips on me and twisting my words around to mean things that I never said.

We finally agreed that it just wasn't meant to be and he moved out of state. We still talked and remained friends, and he mentioned that he still felt like we should be together. I declined as politely as possible, which infuriated him. He took to saying some pretty horrible things. He would complain if I didn't send him email or message him online, yet if I did he'd get angry and tell me to leave him alone. He was extremely bitter, so we stopped talking completely.

A few months ago he started messaging me again. The conversation always stayed light and casual. I would chat with him mainly to be nice; I have no feelings for him at all anymore, and could really care less what he's up to. All of a sudden today he started talking non stop about his new girlfriend and is going into great detail about their sex life and what they do together. I don't care all that much, but am more curious if this is an attempt to make me jealous or talk about my new bf. I've never mentioned my new boyfriend to him and as far as I know, he doesn't know I'm seeing anyone.

I tried a couple times to change the subject (without making it look like I was trying to change the subject), yet he would manage to focus it on his sex life.

He's taking a lot of time to compare how his new girlfriend does a lot of the same things we did, tells me what she's doing and how much she turns him on. Back when I was with him, he was dealing with incontinence issues, so the sex wasn't as often as I would have liked. He's telling me now that he has sex 2 or 3 times a day some weeks, and rarely goes a day without sex.

Could this be an attempt to make me jealous? Is this another mind game to make me feel bad? Or could it be that he still feels comfortable enough with me to talk about this sort of thing? Or is this some strange way of telling me he still misses me and regrets breaking up?


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  • Whatever you want to call it it is not right. STOP talking to this guy all together. Most likely its to make you jealous or to make himself feel good. Maybe even his own freakish way to get off...who knows. Regardless, burn everything that has to do with him. Change email, phone number, whatever you have to do so its completely over !


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