Guys, If you're checking up on your ex's parents to see how their doing, will you're ex think you're checking up on him?

You're opinions please?
Guy's please comment! I need your opinions? ?


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  • Yes i think, there is always a chance of thinking on that way.

    • But that's crazy I want to check up on my ex's parents because they tell me things but I don't want him to think I'm checking up on him? Any suggestions?

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    • He knows I asked about them I asked and told him before. I just don't want him to think I was asking about him or anything.

    • If you told him before and he knows that you asked only about them, there will be no worries.

      You said understandable message to him.

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  • I'd think they were checking up on my parents. I wouldn't want people that I don't associate anymore with to associate with my family

    • But he knows I like he's parents and they like me

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