How did you get out of your breakup funk?

It's been 7 months now.. I lost my career at the same time. I went nuts for a while i'm getting better but I still feel off. Just got a new job and starting undergrad. I'm 22.. I just want to feel like my old self again.


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  • I feel you. It happened to me too... my ex broke up with me, I lost my job and even had to move to another place miles away (because of the break up). I felt so alone, I lost my life. For months I suffered depression and I was the ghost of my old self. Almost 10 months since then, and I am still trying to put my life together. But I'm feeling better. I'm hopeful. Hang in there, the sun will shine again for us!


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  • you mean a break up with a girl?

    a week
    it was a mistake anyway


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  • School it help a lot, it will keep you distract and you will feel fine.


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