Should I leave him?

i know my boyfriend as a friend for a year but we were not close.. We became more close recently and he told me he likes me. I like him too. I know some of his friends and they are not good guys; they use drugs. He knows addicted people, too. I normally dont like smoking but I let that go. I told him that I'm anxious about this situation and about his lifestyle and asked about what he is using. He said only cigerattes and weed, and that weed is safe and doesn't make u an addict! I dont know if that's the only thing he is using, but even if he doesn't use any other drugs, I'm not okay with him smoking weed. I didn't tell him that i don't like the situation and his lifestyle. I dont know how to tell him. I know he won't quit because of me that's impossible, but this way our relationship is going nowhere. Although I like him, I dont want to be involved with him. Please how to tell him that and should i breakup with him?


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  • Drugs are a terrible element in a relationship, because like all addictions it shifts the much needed focus and attention from their partner to that thing they're addicted to. This ranges from porn and alcohol to drugs and sugar. Humans become slaves to these things making it difficult to stop and resist their call to come back. If your boyfriend is doing weed, the easy answer is to just break up with him. But breaking up isn't so easy, especially if you really like him. But you can't have a real relationship unless you've really established trust, which I feel like is the bigger issue right now since drugs and addiction make it hard for us to trust people doing them. You need to communicate with him about his addiction. One of my former roommates had a weed problem and his girlfriend was livid about it. He quit for her because she told him if he didn't quit the weed, she'd quit the relationship. He was smart enough to put his priorities in order, so before you jump the gun and break up with him, talk to him and see if you guys can't work it out. It's partly not his fault mainly because you knew who he was hanging out with and who he was with his lifestyle. You need to tell him it bothers you and don't want to date someone on weed. Weed is a terrible drug that destroys your ambition and memory over time. True that coming off of weed doesn't have the same withdraws like most drugs, but people are still addicted to it because it's a desire in them to keep doing it. There are plenty of great guys out there who don't do drugs or even weed. So if he doesn't quit for you, there is always the option then to date someone who will pick you over drugs. I use to be addicted to computer games and fought with my girlfriend about it when I was younger. I changed to make her happy, but I also changed because it was the right thing to do for me. People struggle with addictions in many forms, so communicate and work with them, because if it isn't weed, it'll be something else. Look for someone, possibly him, who is willing to better themselves for the relationship.

    • He doesn't think that he is addicted.. He just wants to get high and he tells me that he is able to function with it inlike heroin... Do u think we should discuss it even if he isn't addicted to it?

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    • If he can't see or won't see, you need to leave him. Nothing is worse than dealing with someone who won't accept the reality of a situation

    • Oh okay thank u so much for your help :)

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