How do I get over an amazing woman ( heartbroken )?

I dated this girl for about three weeks. She was smart, talented and beautiful. She was perfect in every way and I fell in love with her the moment I saw her. We were both madly in love.
We'd spend hours just talking to each other at her apartment and would go on exciting adventures together.

How do I get over an amazing woman ( heartbroken )?

All of a sudden she dumped be and she didn't give me a real reason why. She just left and wanted nothing to do with me... but I knew she still loved me and she left the country.

I'm honestly Hart broken and I'm depressed.
How do I get over her?


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  • You're feeling a combination of betrayal and depression. It's a leathal combination and usually is associated with heartbreak from someone we loved so passionately. But you need to ground your emotions into something real. I'm not saying the things you didn't feel for her weren't real, they happened to you, of course they were real. But you now need to face the reality that she's gone. Most people would tell you that you should seek closure, and that's true, but not in the traditional sense that you don't know why she broke up with you. Even if you could contact her and find out why, the honest truth is that it doesn't really matter why she broke up with you, it's you finding closure on your own and recognizing the truth that she thought about it and made that decision. It's possible your attachment was deeper than her's so it was easier for her to break up the relationship. I think it would be very therapeutic for you to start the healing process. Mourn. Be sad for a while and take some time alone. It's normal and healthy to just take some alone time. But after a while you need to start coming out and seeing people. Spending time with your friends and family. True that you'll probably be reminded of them everywhere you go, and the things you did, but that shouldn't stop you from doing your life. Work on moving on, and that doesn't mean just start dating someone right away. Seek that personal happiness that will help you feel like yourself again. Go do the things that make you happy. Breakups are painful and hard so don't pretend they are anything but. However, you are stronger than that. As quickly as she came into your life, and just as quickly as she left, it proves the possibility that out there someone, the right girl is waiting for you. Everytime I get left or broken up with, I always tell myself the same thing, "I'm lucky because I could have actually ended up with her." You don't want to be with someone who would throw you away or choose you second. That isn't you. There are lots of girls out there who would fight each other to the death to date you. So when you've started to heal and come to a sound peace of mind, get back out there. When your ready and comfortable to do so. Don't push yourself but don't lose faith in yourself or other future girls. Learn from this and move on when you're ready. You aren't alone. People care about you, even complete strangers on an advice website. We're there with you. Stay strong.


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