Need help he dumped me for no reason?

So he was trying to get my attention for about a month and i was so mean to him but ended up falling bery hard for him in the process. Anyways we talked cute for three weeks and everything was so perfect. I have never got a long with someone this great and he says the same. Any ways two weeks ago he asked me out and of course i said yes. Like we are the couole that always are laughing. But recently school has started and he kisses me and hugs me like crazy. But two days ago there started rumors about one of his best friends tht is a girl. And they involved all of us. But like last night after we worked it out he was calling me beautiful and all this stuff saying he liked me so much and it was gonna make us so strong. Like him and i worked it out and this morning he brought me donuts randomly and was super flirty. Then all of a sudden she confronted us and everything went down hill from there. Like he wasn't waiting for me, he didn't want to hug or kiss me. And today he ended up breaking up with me with her standing behind me... But he tells his friends he still likes me just doesn't want a relationship. And i think its just because of alll the drama so i want to talk to him in the morning and be like listen i really like you and wanna work through this but I don't know im scared... need advice pleasee


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  • you should let him go and find someone better.


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