Ex wants me back?

I had a very good, very honest, loving, and satisfying relationship with a guy for over two years. We got engaged and everything was wonderful, until one day he just changes his mind, dumps me and "runs away." I was very very very hurt and it took me a year to get out of depression. Now that I'm over him and strong again, he has started pursing me telling me that he can't relate to any other girl like me and he misses me. I have no hard feelings against him at all, for there was a lot of love there, and I am fine being friends. However, I just don't know how to handle this. I don't ever cut people off, but I don't really trust him anymore. Not sure what to do.


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  • My guess he's just feeling lonely. He probably doesn't have a girl friend at the moment to keep him occupied, so he's trying to get back with you. The first thing he must do is to give you a satisfactory reason why he dumped you. Then hemust prove to you that this reason no longer applies. This will be difficult for him. You are wise not to trust him. It has to be earned over a long period of time, and it may never happen. If you are settled without him, and see yourself with a new guy, then that's the way to go. Your ex had his chance and blew it. I'm not sure that he deserves another.

    • He actually didn't want to date anyone. One of the reasons he dumped me was because he didn't feel ready to be in anything serious. He also "thought we were so different" which was bull. I told him his reasons weren't mature or valid... now he's seeing I was right. I really like your take though, I'll not make any decision and just see if he is willing to prove his intentions are pure.

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    • Yeah I guess just see if he's wiling to prove himself

    • That's it!!

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  • Did you guys stayed in contact all this time?

    • No, we didn't talk at all for over four months and then he slowly started contacting me here and there until now he is contacting me almost every week. I only initiated contact one time this whole year and it was to wish him luck in something that is important to him. That was all.

    • Just wait and to nothing. If you really want to test if he is sure this time then don't jump into anything. Let him see that you moved on that you are fine without him. You don't need to ignore him but I advice to keep the distance and see how far is he willing to go. Then if he doesn't give up even after months of chasing you, then talk ask him for meet up and talk face to face about what exactly changed and why does he think that this time it will be different. If nothing really changed, then it's a red flag. Then he is simply lonely and is blinded by it, and the moment something or someone else comes into his life, he is gonna dump you again.

    • Good advice! And I am doing nothing. I already am over it. I still love him obviously, but don't want to jump into anything.

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