What does it mean when a guy offers to meet to talk after a break up?

A guy I kind-of-dated (more than friends with benefits, but not yet a relationship) "broke up" with me. What confused me is that he offered to meet me once again to answer any questions I have left.

My question is is that a way to keep options open or what does it mean?

I don't want to have false hopes so please help solve this dilemma. thanks :)


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  • To me it sounds like he is giving you an opportunity to clear anything that didn't make sense to you. Things that he probably thinks might be unanswered could be the reason why he broke up with you and hopes to clear it up with this talk.

    I've done this before and basically I do it in order to end on good terms and have no doubt between both parties

    • Thank you. So you would say it's rather for ending than for deciding whether to go back?

    • Now that question really depends on the guy. Its like 50/50 on whether he is doing it to end on good terms or to get back with you. I don't know exactly what happened between you two but if he is willing to sit down and talk with you then he is open to listen to anything - even your feelings for him. If you do decide to have this talk then I would use it to get your feelings out of the way since you'll eliminate all doubt in your mind once the talk is over

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  • I have no idea. I've never experienced that before.


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