How did he go from sweet shy guy to jerk?

me an my ex dated in 2012, first love and boyfriend. Amazing dates to shows, cinemas, park, family party an sleepovers etc.

We was serious about each other He was two years younger an had stress due to school. It resulted in him becoming annoyed so he ended it. Day before ending it he was at my house so had opportunity to talk to face but instead day later he uses Facebook to do it.

He broke my heart. an he was very distant an cold so I left him to it. Since being with him I had about 7-10 dates an 5 boyfriends all short term.

He would act insecure a lot but I told him it wNas him who I loved. He was not best looking guy ever but to me he was

Text him on his 18th he thanked me Then 3 years go by an my sis mentions him being the best boyfriend I had an I seem to recall the great times. Then I got In touch with him.

As we talk it was like we never ended . He asked about my life. We talked for hours. he was 17 when we met but is now 20. I guess as he was this shy sweet guy before I never imagined it changed. He kept my undies an said he don't get much attention

He now works , goes uni an drives an I said oh matured now. He said yeah a bit but still some more growth to do.

5 days into talking , said I don't know him , saying I am talking of the guy from 3 years ago etc. said oh he needs to stop being so innocent so he put on this bad boy bravado to make me think he was some asshole an that's exactly how I perceived him.

He said he cares for me, but not a lot. He would then say we should meet as we live near each other an he said I drive now it's like he saw it as impressing me when he never had a dime when we met but I loved him anyway.

He said if I am all over you when we meet please forgive me. said it was him flirting saying that I was totally cringed out

I said to him you don't care for me an you broke me once an clearly would do it again. Your act
said well we meeting to talk so chill with that. Few times he insinuated things an I told him how it is. Then he was like rude to me an saying don't see us getting back together after saying we starting afresh an he was young back
then that's why we didn't work he back peddled so fast.

then said we only talked few days an we getting on each others nerves but we got on so well so I knew he was chatting nonsense an just not acknowledging what a tool he was being
It's all my fault an never his.

He had become the biggest pig I know an now is see I leave behind nothing but an idiot an maybe narcissist. Sweet guy to jerk in three years cus he didn't get lucky? So hates on women. He makes me sick


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  • A lot of shy guys have an easier time getting girl when they start seeing women as expendable.

    • Oh really but why

    • Because when they flirt around, they care less about individual women because they know they have other options. It keeps them from being needy because they know how to give a girl space.

    • He don't get girls though lol 😐😑😖 like he doesn't get offers hence his terrible desperation an flirty ways with me

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