Will he ever get back with me?

I dated this guy for 6 or 7 months, and we've been broken up for 3 years now. So for past two years we've been hanging out, and more recently hooking up. I'm still in school (80 miles away) for another year. I've asked him in the past if he thought we'd date again and he flat out said no. I've asked him recently and he said its likely once I'm done with school, but he's not saying that we for sure will that we'll get back together. Do you think he's just trying nice, or do you think he actually wants to get back together?


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What Guys Said 1

  • if I told you that he wanna get back with you is that will make you happy?
    but if I told that he doesn't want to is that will make you sad?
    your problem is that you live in the past and the present and you don't know how the future will be
    you made his feelings more important than your
    i don't know but 3 years of broken up should make you strong and control you feelings

    you have to know that when you just satisfy him to have his love, you will discover shortly after that that love is not worthy you
    you'll find new conditions you must implemented before that person gives you his love back

    This is the truth which does not need any explanations
    Truth painful but enough to directed to safety

    Live your life princess
    Good luck


What Girls Said 1

  • He doesn't want to.


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