Ex wanted to be friends but hasn't contacted me?

So my boyfriend broke up with me two weeks ago due to distance (we live almost two hours away from each other) and him not being at the point of his life to settle down. My exboyfriend wanted to stay friends after the breakup since we got along so well and told me that nothing would change between us after the breakup. He said that this breakup was a really hard decision for him and that he had really struggled with it. Two days after the breakup he texted me to see how I was doing and I told him that I was having a hard time with it since I had cared about him. I haven't heard from him since then and it's been almost two weeks.

Has he changed his mind about wanting to be friends or does he feel to guilty and hurt about the breakup to contact me?


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  • I don't think he cares. Two hours is nothing. He wanted someone else


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  • i have experience something like that to but its not a long distance relationship, my opinion about it is maybe he got himself to something that makes his time occupied and ther is a possibility that he is just saying that its hard for him. how long have you been with each other? and if he change his mind to being friends with you there is a posibilty that he do that to make him move on. for me distance is nothing if you really love someone iam in a long distance ralationship since 2 years he is in another country but e keep making our relationship work.

    • We were together for one year. I really tried to make the relationship work and came up with a ton of options to try to make it work but he had excuses for all of them. I told him that both of us could move to the half way or I could, in order to be closer and make it work but he said that I would be unhappy since my job was here and all of my friends were here. His reason for breaking up was that he wanted to do more traveling and go back to school and that he wasn't ready to settle down yet. He said this breakup was a really hard decision. He seems really sad the last time I talked to him, so I thought that I would of heard from him by now?

    • he's a very shady guy hmmmmm in hat iam thinking now is maybe he doesn't ant ant commitment yet and he doesn't want a serious one but that is just a theory, because you know if he wants to be with you he will accept like "hey that as a good idea we will be together".

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