My ex texted me after 2 months?

He dumped me 6 months ago and we were still kind of hanging out after that. Then I told him I still love him and we had not so pleasant conversation (he said he doesn't love me anymore but that he doesn't want to lose me completly). Then he disappeared. He was no where to be seen, not even on social media. His excuse was that he is busy with school. Well I figured that's it, I took it as he died, decided to move on. 2 months have passed and he now showed up on facebook and asked me if I watched this new tv show that just started. WTF? Do I even bother answering? I kind of hold a grunge against him for disappearing like that.


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  • Lol you can grab better that that girl...

    • Should I ignore him? Or should I tell him what's really on my mind? There's a lot of nasty stuff on my mind.

    • Say what you have in your mind. Then, depending of his reaction you can see how he is as a person better.

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