He picked her but he can t stop thinking about me?

So I talked to this guy for 2 months and I first I didn t like him and he was talking to some other girl for a year. I told her to just ask her out cause at the time he was just a friend. Then I started to have feelings and he admitted the same. He just kept saying he was confused. He eventually picked me and then he saw her at a wedding and went back to her. He told me he likes her and isn t sure if he likes me. He said the reason he broke it off with me was because he promised to go out with her after she is done with school and they ve been talking for a year. He couldnt back out of the promise no matter how uch he liked me and he's very persistent on that. He says he thinks about me all the time and always thinks about us and "what if". When he was with me he said he didn t think about her. I know I need to move on and I am but I just want to know if you genuinely like someone would you keep thinking about someone else? Wouldn t it mean something if you can t stop thinking about the person but when you were with them it was only them? I guess at the same time I want I reason to hope we ll get back together.


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  • Yes, it's not possible that if you genuinely like someone you can't think about someone else, that's just not possible. He needs to make a clear decision as to what he wants and whom he wants in his life.


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  • Stop wasting your time and energy on him... If he want you then gud... if he doesn't turn the other way. Come on!!! Your better than that!!


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