This guy and I broke it up before summer, school started and now it's awkward. How to approach this situation?

This guy and I were romantically involved, yet we were never official. He was leaving for camp so we broke it off. Now school is back in (we are seniors) and it's very awkward. First couple days no exchange of words. I caught him staring at me however. Now a week in, he is saying hi to my friends. We said we'd become official this year before we broke it up, but now I'm sure that won't happen. The only thing we've said to eachother is when he asked me how the Spanish quiz was. Once when he was laughing he looked at me but that's about it. I don't know what I want because I still care for him but I don't think I "like him" anymore. Not sure how to approach this situation, let alone do anything about it so please help!


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  • If you feel that you don't 'like him' anymore, you do have to push yourself to be involved with him too much.

    But since you care for him and you know each other, why not start this off slowly on a calm level? Just be friends. You can greet him anytime you see him, talk friendly to him, get to know him better. That way there will be no tension for either of you.

    As you get to know him better, you will realize yourself if you want to be something more with him or not.


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