How do I stop the loneliness?

I split up from my partner of 6 years and im now a single parent. How can I start again


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  • Sometimes it is difficult to move forward and i am sure you do the best you can being a single parent. Starting again is never easy after nay break up but you need to take things slowly, maybe start by meeting up with friends and trying to make new friends. Even if its just chatting to random strangers when out.

    • Luckily I have a good close family bond & that gives me the support i need to carry on. Im trying to educate myself but my self esteem is so low. I can't imagine having friends. Seems the older you become the less friends bother. Just scared that I may never meet anybody again because i got my daughter. So difficult.

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    • I found this inspiring thanks, maybe i just need to plod on for a while & get to grips with single life before even venturing unknown territory lol. But sure i guess even this post was the beginning of my fresh chapter :)

    • That it was, and you will get there in time. Have faith in who you are :) always happy to chat in private if you want to chat :)

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  • It's difficult, the best thing you can do is something for yourself. Set yourself a goal, join some groups, maybe sport groups or get involved in your child's school etc so you can meet people and feel part of something. In terms of dating maybe try online dating

    • I'm going back to college in September and volunteering too so I'm hoping those will keep me focused. I even have driving lessons paid in advance but been too stressed so they been on hold for two months now. Yes nursery seems to have a lot to do as far as getting involved goes, guess im just scared. I do suffer social anxiety but I try not to let that rule my life. Online dating, i have registered to a select few but i dont really put any effort in, heard a lot of bad things about some of the strange people on those sites

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  • Take all the time you need trust me, do not jump in to another relationship so soon

    • I don't want to. Just crave attention of any kind but i just hate being alone. Awful feeling

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    • Very true. Last thing i need is more hurt

    • So, don't jump into another relationship so fast, let time sort things out

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