On and Off relationship, help?

I've been with my boyfriend for 10 months now. we both go to the same high school, and my god i'm crazy about him. I' have DONE SO MUCH for him im the first to EVER accept him. He knows it, he knows he has me in his palm and he messes with me. He goes from 'i love you to death' to 'im done with your sh**, i dont want to date you, im too mad''
Our relationship is always a rollercoaster, sometimes we can't go a week without fighting and when we fight he always backs out. He doesn't have my back.. recently i got in a cat fight with one of his friends and he broke up with me because of it. Instead of supporting me he kept telling me I'm an emberassement and whatnot. I fought his girl friend and he was so angry at me because of it. He couldnt support me, he made me feel worse. He can be controlling. He gets mad over the dumbest things such as me wearing shorts or hanging out with guy friends.
I love him to pieces and he says he loves me but he always breaks up with me and we always get back together.
either because i beg , because I've begged before lots, or because he misses me.
He claims he cares but because i got in a fight with his friend, he's leaving me when he is probably still going to be friends with her and its so messed up. He wonders why i dont trust him when we get back together but im always scared of him leaving me, which he does. he's hot then he's cold. His anger makes him want to run away from me instead of working it out.
What do i do? can i even get him back?


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  • Breaking up and going back together is very unhealthy relationship

    it's emotionally toxic and usually affects one person more than the other


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  • Fighting is good in relationships but leaving again and again is what's the point here
    I think he just likes your company 😶?

  • I'd recommend dating someone else and forgetting about him.


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