Guys, is breaking up like this too harsh?

Listen I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but I kinda feel like we rushed into a relationship. We rarely talk anymore and we never talk about deep important things. Also, there is no intimacy. Touching, kissing, all that. How can we get emotionally attached to each other if we can't invest ourselves physically? I hope you agree with me. I really do like you, but I'm starting to lose the spark. Maybe we should stay friends? Maybe start dating new people and see if our feelings for each other dissapear. If not, we can still give it a try in the future. Lots of hugs to you, tc


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  • You should have left out that "let's be friends and date others". That or instead ask him if he wants you two to actively work on the problems you have. I mean... you intend to fix your problems by simply being absent from each other and thus not really fixing them, just reaffirming if there is a connection or not, but that won't help.

    So either you two go separate ways permanently or you stay together and fix things the proper way - by addressing them head on.


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  • This is actually a really subtle way of saying it's not working out. It's a deep and kind of sweet way of telling a guy what went wrong. Although he might not take the news well there is no way I would consider it harsh. At least you aren't compaining about what you don't like about him and making unnecessary comments cause that is what usually happens during a harsh break up.

    • Okay thanks. Should I leave the "let's be friends" out or could that work?

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    • Ok he probably would have invited you to watch with him since you are friends now.

    • Eww gross not even worth asking lol

  • No, this break up isn't harsh at all. According to me it's near perfect.


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