I don't know if I can do anything?

I've been sleeping with my best friend who just got out of a relationship.
Not just sex, like he stays over, we kiss & cuddle, but neither of us are looking for anything right now.
He is so in love with his ex, still FB official, still has her as his wallpaper and she is being a bitch
She gets with multiple guys right in front of him & wants nothing to do with him
but then when she wants will message him a lot. She has him on a hook and he can't move past it.
She is going around to his to study tonight, at 11 pm, no one just studies that late.
I just know that me and my other friends are going to be the ones to pick up the peices when he is sad or angry becuase she becomes a bitch again.
He needs to realise that everyone hates her & he could do way better & get over her, because seeing him pining for her is like looking back a while at myself & i don't want him to go through what i have...


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  • Are you sure she is not the right kind of person?

    Well, what you see in her he needs to see the same thing only then he will realize, may be he just can't see it, in that case you need to find other ways to show him and make him see that but if he knows everything and yet is completely ignorant to the fact then there is nothing you can do in that case.

    • No, she is horrible to him, slutty, bitchy, unkind & I would never be her friend.

      He's sees sometimes, but not when she is around

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  • It is the halo effect. He only see her good qualities or apparently good ones. He can't be helped unless you substitute her for him. Like start treating him much much better than her and he forgets her or does not care about her. But from your age I doubt you are up to the task. You might have to take the role of a mother for him. Caring and committed. Sacrifice, and tolerance. Can you do that?


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