Girls, talked with ex this morning. She said that we had no chance and to stop texting her though she texts me about the dogs. If I don't text her?

Girls, talked with ex this morning . She said that we had no chance and to stop texting her though she texts me about the dogs. If I don't text her ?

I've gotten to the point of not even caring


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  • ... I;m having a hard time of not Being angry...
    Blah, blah, blah... She is just frazzled and hurt and up tight. Go slow with her flow, let her cool down, and in time, if you make some effort to show bit of Difference in your own Act, she may just Accept a Nice 'Friendship' to start, where the Nursing and nurturing can be better than the First time around And... You may find yourself out of the dog house with her.
    Give her some space and go easy. It sounds like this is a real dilly of a pickle and something that may be able to be worked out in time so it's More in Store koshore.
    For now, she is venting, trying to get her 'Mean' Message across that she is just Plain... Cross.
    Good luck. xx

    • So she is just telling me that she doesn't even wanna look at me or talk to me at all because she is hurt. If she is hurt why not just be open and try and work things out. We live together and she calls me a dumbass or retard and she's tired of me. I don't know what to do. She leaves for a month so I'm watching her dogs and this morning talking she was like there is no chance even though I have been changing my attitude and working towards personal goals. Just seems like she is pushing me away. Saying she got nothing from me out of this relationship. I don't know what to do except not be home when she is.

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    • I know she is out of town and swears she has the spare key with her that's the kicker

    • Then she is letting someone use this key.. change your locks. xx

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  • How long ago did you break up?
    How long were you together?
    What does she mean by too much damage?

    • Almost 2 weeks ago almost 7 months. I was a bit emotional due to not knowing I had bipolar 1 disorder. She said she had to emotional support me to much it drained her

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    • Sorry but she hit you? Ditch the bitch, her dogs and her attitude overboard. Get yourself out of her life and find someone who (a) won't hit you, (b) give you mixed signals - if she wants you out of her life, she can get someone else to look after her dogs; and (c ) who actually gives a damn about what you think and feel.

      This bitch ain't worth it ! Sorry to be so blunt.

    • Now it's about me , so every relationship has a purpose and something you can learn from it. So I'm confident I will find someone who will appreciate me! Just gonna be hard cause I just moved to Jacksonville and really don't know anyone.

  • Just stop texting her! Block her number! Done

    • Will she come back then

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