Girls, Should I sleep around or just remain single?

I broke up with my girlfriend a couple of months back (was with her 3 years) . She is the only person I have ever been with. It isn't really me to go and try and get a one night stand but I just feel a little lost. I loved her and I miss her but I know it was probably right that we broke up.

I am also having confidence issues meaning I don't think I will meet anyone or could even attract another girl. I am quite unattractive and don't have a great job with loads of money so that massively limits my options. I don't have a ton of friends and I guess I just wanted to speak to a female because I am usually so closed off and never speak.


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  • Why did you broke up with your girlfriend?

    • several reasons really. I was busy with so much else and I took her for granted, differences in opinions, things I want to do in the future etc

    • See I don't really understand why people break up so easily. Realizing that you took her for granted is one of the big steps in improving your behavior, though. Differences in opinions and plans for future shouldn't be a deal breaker in my opinion. You can still have different opinions and do whats good for you in the future (if you're talking about job, hobbies, place to live, etc.), having her by your side. It's all doable with compromises and good communication. Being in a relationship doesn't mean you have to change, it's about living your life the way you want but with someone joining the ride, you know. I at least hope you gave her valid reasons why you left and not some BS. Well anyways, I think you should stay single. You should requestion your inner self and figure out what you really want and what made you become a quitter. Learn from that relationship and then when you are ready start dating again. Maybe even get in touch with her, who knows maybe she was the one? GL!

    • It was a mutual thing really. I was never easy to be with and never did as much as I should have to show what she meant. She was always there but I often pushed away because I was busy with uni, a band, work etc. I would need to write for several hours to explain everything lol I am not a quitter, I don't like the idea of having loads of relationships, she was plenty enough for me but I accept that it just turned shitty. It wouldn't be a case of dating again. We met each other as opposed to looking for a partner. The circumstances in which we met are a whole other story.

      Thanks for your comments. I will just stay single and focus on myself. It is hard sometimes but I get through

  • I'd suggest staying single. Guys usually sleep with other women to try get over a relationship, but it only makes things worse.


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