Doesn't it just sucks realizing that you were used and that what you thought your relationship was, was just one big lie?

I was always a lucky girl who always got good guys. Seriously, I was always treated good and with love, none of my ex boyfriends ever did me any harm. I had only 2 serious relationships and they were all amazing! I am the kind of person who doesn't fall in love that easily, I'm very picky. I had guys chasing me, but I just never really felt the spark or I could sense from miles that they are assholes. But never the less, I usually atracted good guys. My friends also claim that and it's really funny how true it is. Never ever have I had my heartbroken over an idiot. Those 2 relationships ended because of circumstances that we really couldn't change at the time, but we ended on good terms and I am still good friends with both of them. Sure it was sad and I cried and everything, but it was rational and it was for the best. I knew exactly why it ended so that made easier to move on and learn from it. It was really no ones fault but life getting in a way. But I have never doubted their love. It was real love for a long time, even after it ended, and I think it still is since we are still friends.
Then, I met my most recent ex, and I guess my lucky charm got away. We were together for 3 years (the longest relationship) and I thought it was love. He certainly was acting like it was. Until he just dumped me out of the blue not even giving the reasons. He left me wondering what the hell happened. And since I had no clue and I tend make things rational I had to figure it out by myself. Until I realized it was all a lie, from the beginning. I remembered all of the red flags I ignored and came to a conclusion that he was just killing time with me, fooling around with me and was never really serious about us. He sold me so many lies and he was damn of a good player. I had gut feeling about that but he would convince me otherwise. Until he found something else to do and left me. He promised he's not gonna disappear, that he wants to stay friends, but yeah he totally disappeared.


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  • I'm sorry to hear that. That is pretty horrible. But don't let it hold u back. Just bounce back and get back out there and find someone who will. Make u happy :)

  • We all go through it.


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