Things have changed with a girl how do I end things without proving her right?

I want to end things with a girl I really like and have deep feelings for. We've only been dating for a month but I really care about her. I kind of messed things up in way but I feel the blame is not only on myself. She was feeling down and depressed and I was asleep. I woke up four hours later and called her to see what was wrong. She didn't answer, she thensent me a text and asked why I called. Being stupid I lied and said I just called to say hi. She texted hi then I said hi beautiful and got no responce back. She texts me like 1-2 hours later and startstalking about how I never really cared about her and she expected more. Before this I was always there for her and even would drive to see her when she needed comfort. She now says she doesn't care if I ttalk to her anymore and she doesn't feel the same. How do I end things but show I still care. I still care about her I just feel she isn't ready for a relationship and has emotionals elf esteem issues. Would me ending things just proves I don't care. Does it matter?


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  • It won't matter, at this point I think you should think of yourself. Think of your own feelings.
    She sounds like she's tired of how things are and maybe needs time to heal.
    Maybe she's heartbroken. She sounds heart broken, I felt her pain kind of... what you said she said.. i felt her pain and her willingness to give up on the relationship. There's better women waiting for you than her out there. I'd say forget her.


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  • Just talk to her


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