If someone loses interest in you that means they weren't really interested from the beginning. Do you agree with this?

I'm talking about long term relationships where the dumpee didn't do anything wrong, or at least that's what dumper is claiming.
  • Yes, people don't just lose interest over night, he/she probably knew it will happen eventually and was leading on
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  • No, it's possible to really love someone for quite some time and then feelings to change
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  • It's very possible. I can lose feelings for someone relatively quickly to the point where I'm no longer attracted to them.


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  • This happened me to me with my ex boyfriend. I thought I loved him but I guess I always kind of questioned it. The relationship just fell together so easily, almost out of convenience you could say. And we had a lot of great times, no drama or fights and he is a great guy, very very kind... but I guess I just didn't love him in that way you're really supposed to love someone you're going to spend your life with and who is going to be the other parent of your children... and I knew it for awhile but I tried to convince myself it was in my head. It wasn't hard to do this because we were friends first and we still had a great friendship. But eventually the feelings built up inside of me and came spilling out in the form of getting angry too easily or not wanting any sexual contact with him anymore. I still loved him and still do, I still really care about him... feelings don't change over night, it happens slowly. It takes longer to admit it's happening... sometimes it could even be years. Sometimes it was never there all along, you just really wanted to believe it was. But sooner or later you just have to allow yourself to find true happiness and true love. And it hurts.

    • I call it immaturity and living in a fairy tail. You say he was a great guy and you always kind of questioned it, which means you were leading him on. Not only that you lied to yourself and forced yourself to believe in something that is not there, but you also lied to him and hurt him. Have fun with some asshole who you are gonna claim it's the one. I would really question what the hell is wrong with me if I let my feelings for a great guy who loves me fade away. I feel sorry for you and people like you.

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  • It's possible to.


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