Is she over the relationship, is there hope, what signs am I picking up?

Hi there, Here is my story, My partner of 12 years and married for 5 of them separated from me 3 months ago and moved house with my two kids. I still see the kids every 2nd weekend and they come for dinner on Tuesday nights. We have been amicable about this and the kids are doing great! Though I am NOT! I love her soooooooo much and have made some huge life changes to better myself and hoping it will help get my marriage back! We all moved here to Perth Australia 4 years ago from NZ and slowly got into bad drinking habits which I regret deeply as I can see this had a major effect on the ending of our relationship as I was trying to cut it right back though she is a "party girl" After about 8 weeks of separation we started to hang out as a family again and she would stay with me on weekends and we were having sex again but this only lasted a couple weeks and she called it off again saying I was going back to my old ways? While she was drinking all the time during this new reconciliation phase! Now she is very hard to get hold of on the phone and barley texts back like she is trying to have no contact with me to get over me or she actually IS over me!!! I have asked a couple of times what she is thinking and looking for closure but she says "I don't know what to say" I'm not sure what this means? Does it mean 'I am finished and over you' or 'I am not sure what i want' We have always had a physical attraction to each other and the emotional attraction was there just wasn't cherished by either enough in the late stages. She tells me I would be better off without her and had to 'let me go' I explained that I have made some real life changing adjustments in my life and am now more positive, calmer at work, happier, confident and having a great relationship with the kids but this is NOT because she is not in my life now!!! She would complete my life and would the happiest family unit we could ever imagine!!!


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  • you should stay away from her.

    • Thanks for reading my post but your reply does not give many reasons for your suggestion?
      I appreciate any comments but looking for a bit more insight thanks

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