How do I break up with my girlfriend over the internet (Long Distance)?

I live in the US and my girlfriend lives in Germany. We're fresh in the relationship but we haven't said the L word yet.
I honestly don't see it working out with her and I think we're in a little bit over our heads.
We've skyped and exchanged nudes but I want to end this relationship as soon as possible.

It would never work out in real life. How can I break up with her?
It's not fair on the both of us and we're wasting our time.

She's tried to commit suicide in the past also. And I've stopped her on more than one occasion.

How do I break up with my girlfriend over the internet (Long Distance)?


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  • Explain to her how you feel, have her promise you that she won't hurt herself and stay in touch with her.


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  • Tell her directly though if she wants to be with you and you with her she must come to you. she might stop thinking of committing suicide if you give her hope. I have a pretty good reason she will not commit it. What was the method she choose in the past?
    I myself had these tendencies but they were not because of love but because of pride. If it is with pills she is definitely faking it but if it is cut or other method it is serious. And she will probably not die of medicine pills.
    But I think you are 50% at blame as well. You never intended to make the relation work. If you had than you would have asked her the obvious question to migrate to your country. And you were only interested in her physical attraction as you wanted to see her naked. Admit it.


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  • It's basically like how you two got together. You ease into it very cautiously then you deliver a sweet way to let her down.


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