Her happiness vs her children's happiness?

Ok my girlfriend of 2 and a half years left me last month. She left me for another guy she got a place with him and everything so this plan was made before she left me. Ever since she left she only sees the kids here at my house for an hour or 2 a day then leaves until the next day or so. when she leaves we don't talk on the phone or text or anything. The problem i have is she only comes when she's not with her boyfriend he works Monday-Friday 8-5. When he's there she doesn't call 2 ask about the kids or leave him wherever 2 spend time with the kids or anything. Every weekend she always disappears until Monday rolls around. When the breakup was happening she was choosing her own happiness instead of what's best for the children's happiness. I told her either choose us or loose us as a family but it's showing who and what her main priorities are. I still love her and want things 2 workout so we can be a family again but I don't know what to do anymore. My heart is hurting for my kids future because i know how it feels 2 go back and forth (parents split up but got back together) any advice helps


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  • She doesn't sound like she wants to be a family at all. My advice is to move on.

    • U don't think this is just a phase? A part of my mind is trying 2 tell me 2 move on but the other part and my heart r being stubborn and keep wanting 2 fight for the family i once had. I know it sound stupid

    • Find another woman if you need help with the kids. The one you were with has already moved on.

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