Should I give my ex a chance?

I love him. We broke up over a year ago. We have been talking. I recently found out why he broke up with me which was over an ex girlfriend he was 'confused' about whether he still loved her or not. I was not happy at all. Anyway, he told me that he realized I was the one that he loved but he didn't know what to do. I know he still cares for her because they are still friends but he is still single. We are back to our problems though as he doesn't make time (we do have different schedules/lives/live about an hour away by car) for me, which got me angry again. I've told him that he hasn't changed but he 'claims' he would. Well we still haven't seen each other in person so it's still pretty much the same. I also question him about him breaking up with me for her and then having this realization that he wants me.

Do you think he's lying between his teeth that he would want me back and isn't seeing her (in that way)? She still is in love with him and wants him back as far as I know. I want him back too but I also feel like if he had to question whether he loved me or her, then it's possible he might do that again in our relationship. I am happy when I get to see him, but when we aren't physically together, I get suspicious that he maybe seeing her. I don't know what to do really.

Also was it right of him to even break up with me (we were together for 2 years) and to 'think' he loved her still only to find out (during our break) that he doesn't love her, so now he wants me back? I was explaining to him that I don't trust him because then the 2 years was pretty much questioned in the first place whether he wanted to stay with me or go back to someone from his past. Is that fair? And he did 'date' her during the break up so that's why I don't trust him when he told me for those 2 years and during the break that he hates her. He recently admitted it because I made him feel bad.


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  • He dumped you for her. He'll dump you again for you. You're the backup in this case. I'm sorry.

    After a year of breakup, and so many doubts, I can't believe you're still hung up on the same guy. Please move on. You don't have that many years to date!


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  • I think its best to stay away from him because if your suspicions are correct his love/hate relationship with this other girl will cause problems for you and even after all this time he still hasn't figured it out. Not worth the hurt, pain, and crying. He may like you but he also likes her.

  • I would not get back with him if he even possibly had feelings for another girl while you guys were together.


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