Can the person who dumps rebound?

Had a relationship wiyrars, ex for 3 and half years, we was engaged, ridiclously close to each other, lived together (had only just moved to a new house) and had only just booked and told everyone about our wedding, he also brought my son up for 3 years as his own, they adored each other.
6 weeks from leaving me my ex had a new girlfriend, it then turned out it was an ex from 2007 ( he's had quite a few relationships since including me for 3 years)
They put in a relationship on Facebook after 8 weeks of us splitting up and now he's met her child and they already have family days out (her child is the same age and sex as my son)
Can the person who dumps ever go on the rebound? Is this his rebound?


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  • i guess so.

    but rebounding a single mother never ends well.

    • Do you think that's what he's doing?

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    • a little, kind of of selfish and inconsiderate for the feelings of your son.

    • to denounce their relationship for another child.

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