Confused about ex girlfriend?

she broke up and moved out about 3weeks , but recently has been texting me . last night I finally asked via text if she wanted me and she said yes . I'm aware we can't fall back into same problems . but what I don't get and need help with is her saying she wants me , text goodnight baby , but doesn't want to talk on phone and then today no response to my text asking in how her day was . I'm confused and wonder if I'm being played , if she is with another guy , or she is confused . I sent a couple text today simple ones regarding how was your day , I'm excited you want to be together . but like I said no reply . it hurts deeply .

need to added she gets upset because I have two kids from previous marriage and think I put too much emphasis on spending time with them . she is 30 , never had kids , very insistent that I love a treat her dogs like they were her human children
im still hurt over this,keeping myself home . she text me and I asked her to come over and see me . but she text back its trying to be with me . trying as hard I don't kno , she said she was leaving town for new years , and then stop texting . still wont
still won't answer my calls and then turned her ph off . I have deep feelings for this woman and right now am on a roller coaster of emotions . my last text was that I was getting mixed singals from her and wanted to know if we were getting bck together
this is very hard on me . should I just delete all her info and force myself to let go ? or give it a month ? what about contact with her ? please guys and girls help I'm losing sleep and depressed


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  • the sounds of things you should just run. She seems much too confused to possibly even know what she wants. And, any woman that says you spend too much time with your children has to go...And, the fact that she treats her dog like a human child..should tell you right there. lol...Be glad she is your ex and find someone who loves your children and all the time you spend with them. Even better they may not even have a human/dog child. Good luck to you.


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