What to do when someone snatches your bf?

My ex dumped me for a girl who is already in a relationship with someone. Its been 3 month since my breakup. My ex didn't bother to contact me not even once. He blocked me from everywhere on the command of that other/bitch girl. She is already in a long distance relationship and she used to advice my ex not to be in a long distance relationship. I'm moving on with my life. I think less about my ex now. Infact I'm loving my time and day without my shitty ex.
I'm just scared what if this thing happens again in my new relationship. How to handle these kind of girls or situations of these kinds?


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  • Next time. Before you even commit to a relationship. Learn a lot about the guy before actually getting to a relationship. Test him , put him in difficult situation see how he reacts.

    • testing a guy is some bullshit, no one likes to be tested i find it to be ineffective, produce insincere results, and really... just disrespectful. you can learn about someone without "testing" them

    • Nobody doesn't, But we are living in a fucked up world atm. Technology already overwhelmed and the chances of cheating has grown from the last decade whether online or offline.

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  • It really looks like you handled it very well. You moved on and saw positivity out of it. It really shows your maturity. That's great that you didn't become spiteful on social media or in public because of him. I'm proud of you!!! Just keep doing you girl!!

    I wish that this doesn't ever happen to you in the future!! Plus, you deserve better. Good Luck😊❤️

    • It was not easy at first to accept this. I was hysterical for few weeks, I tried to contact him every possible way but with time I realised that everything happens for a reason. And now, I feel free from my asshole ex.
      I too wish the same and thanks a lot for your opinion. :)

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  • Hi dear i read your comment and i know how you feel now because i have passed through this same way with my ex and i was so depressed but am happy we are back and married together today there are some advice i would have to give you to take and it will surely work out for you i want you to email me on my private email so we can talk better and tell you what to do. this is my email address mccartkatty@gmail. com i will be waiting for your mail ok

  • just move on.


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