Guys why would your ex keep track of you online or care what your doing at all?

HELP i need advice! !!!


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  • It means that they still have some feelings for you. If they were completely over you then they wouldn't bother checking what you are up to. For example, in my experience whenever I'm over someone I could care less about what they are doing. Also they could be seeing how you are doing after the breakup in order to see if you are doing fine or not. So in a sense if they are feeling bad after the breakup they might want to see if you are suffering from the breakup in order to make themselves feel better.

    • It doesn't mean that they will want to get back together?
      I mean he even used one of our mutual friends to hang out with me to get information about me for him.

    • Its kind of hard to tell because every situation is different for everyone. But most of the time since they do have enough feelings for you to check up on what you are doing, part of them probably wants to get back together but that feeling isn't strong enough to act on. Could be afraid that maybe you don't feel the same way and doesn't want to seem stupid. But again this is all speculation

    • He knows I feel the same way. I even asked him to get back together before.
      I mean he is stubborn, does that matter?

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