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I broke up with my ex 2 months ago. I ended it because I was going through some issues and I didn't like the thought of me being weak and vulnerable. I tried to get her back after a few days realising that I made a massive mistake. She said no which was understandable.

I stayed in contact with her every week but I came off a needy and weak. Even blowing up her phone when I was drunk 1 night. I was quite emotional and angry because she wouldn't give me another chance. She opened my eyes 1 night so I stopped contact with her for the last 3 weeks and have worked on myself. Sorting out my issues. She told me it scares her that I can't control my emotions which I have been working on. I'm planning on contacting her again in about 3-4 weeks.

She still looks at my Snapchat story but deleted me off her facebook. I asked for my keys to my house back 3 times now and she still hasn't sent them. I am hoping that there is something there that she still cares and maybe get back together or is it wishful thinking. What advice would you give me on the next phase.


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  • Well, a nice thought would be to work on your anger issues and hopefully she'll come back to you instead of "Going Away"

    • Thanks for the MH! How is everything going?

    • I've just started talking to her. I didn't have anger issues. I was more upset about things. It's a few exchanges of messages but she has responded to them without waiting. She added me back on facebook. I know that I need to take it slow. A few messages is a good sign I think. She has been putting up Snapchat stories herself which she never done before. Its becoming more frequent with her putting them up. I have been looking at them so she knows that I am. I'm a lot happier now. Hopefully it'll work out. Slow but sure.

    • That's great! I wish you well😊

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  • Hi dear i read your comment and i know how you feel now because i have passed through this same way with my ex and i was so depressed but am happy we are back and married together today there are some advice i would have to give you to take and it will surely work out for you i want you to email me on my private email so we can talk better and tell you what to do. this is my email address mccartkatty@gmail. com i will be waiting for your mail ok

  • She still cares.


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