What's the best most non-drama way to keep ex from coming by my house?

I've had a very hard time getting over our break up and he knows it (we lived together for 2 years). He however was able to find a serious girlfriend within two months and they've been together ever since. It's now been a year since our breakup and we've had little to no contact. When I've contacted him about practical stuff like changing his address and getting his things... he would not respond and it was very disrespectful and hurtful. However, I've seen him drive by a few times and he's even emailed me to let me know that he has "to see our cat"... but ignored my response. I assumed this would stop as time went on and let it go. However, he still comes by at least once a month that I know of. And today I was sitting in my living room and saw his car pull up. His girlfriend was driving and he hopped out to pet the cat. I was livid. I opened the front door and looked at him like 'get the fck off my lawn'. He jumped up and waved which I didn't respond to and he ran to the car and they drove off. Soon after I got an email saying ' oh the cat looks so good... sorry to bother... thanks for not freaking out!" Like this isn't totally fcked up and inappropriate. I don't get this behavior. I DON'T want to contact him, or ask my current boyfriend to... assuming that would certainly amuse he and his new girlfriend... and I don't want to get a dramatic restraining order. This whole situation is demented to me. Any ideas or explinations?


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  • Get a restraining order

    • I knew I'd be hearing that lol. Thank you sister xo

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