Girls, when you're ex changes her relationship status to single yet hasn't deleted all but one pic of you and her. An post a pic of her and friends?

Please girls in really need some help on this.


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  • She's single. Just because she hasn't deleted pics of you doesn't mean that she wants you back. I can think of many reasons why she didn't delete them. She posted a pic of her friends? It might not have anything to do with you.

    It's over, dude, unless if she says something.

    • Valid point, delete all but one though seems silly.

    • She might have really liked that one or wants to remember the relationship for some reason.

    • And we had a fight today. So I don't know I think she has some issues

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  • she loves u and trying to let u know that she's fine without u hence the pics of her and her friends. u must still like her if u care about what she's doing on her page.

    • Yes when we first got together there was just something we both felt like we'd been together for years. Even though we knew each other for a sort time. Now the she still loves u in don't get please go into more detail.

  • she's not over you.

    • Then how do I handle the situation this month she will only be here in the weekends. And when we broke up aha said she was unhappy

    • Allowing with she's said she wants nothing to do with me see me or talk or anything hell she even told me she can't wait to have me out of her life cause we have a apt together