Help, boyfriend wants to break up and then wish he met me before he got into trouble?

My boyfriend wanted to break up with me. He is a felon and had his wage garnish. He also has to move home to mom this month. He will be 31 soon. I tried to be supportive but he said nothing is right in his life. He hates work and hate everything. I tried to be there to encourage and listen to him but it was the second time he wanted to break up because he thinks I can do better and want someone to treat me better. I had enough and just left. I told him, I wish he tried and work on getting his life together and I respect his wishes to break up.

Now, he sent me messages that he wish that he'd met me before all the problems. I just told him that I love him just the way he is and I wish he wouldn't ask me to break up but I respect his wishes. I want him to take time to figure it out and work on improving his life. Let me know if he wants to talk or need help.

Now, he sent me still photos of stars and etc. Things that I like. Why can't he let go? I want to respect his space and his decision but why does he needs to continue keeping in touch.
We broke up yesterday and he wants to keep in contact now.


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  • Yes , tell him he needs to find himself cause he is breaking you down
    and you want respect him with needing his space..


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