He won't call because he doesn't feel good enough for me? or is he just fully over me/our relationship?

my ex boyfriend (i just broke up him last monday) has no job, no car and not much money. he's an aspiring rapper who i know for certain will be successful. i broke up with him bc he let his fam who doesn't like me, get in the way of us seeing each other. there has been drama between he and his fam but during our relationship, we were very close and he would call me his soul mate, always call, etc. i supported the crap outta him. there were sparks whenever we were together. i always dressed pretty for him. he looked at me like no one else has. but since we broke up, he hasn't called/texted. i thought if a guy truly loves a girl, he'll fight for her. but are there exceptions? do u guys think the fam issues got in the way and he just gave up on us? do u think he feels he's not good enough for me bc he doesn't have himself fully together? do u think he doesn't love me like he thought he did?


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  • Yes, it's true that if a guy loves a girl he will fight for her and if a girl loves a guy she will fight for him, both are equally true but as you said yes there are exceptions sometimes a guy truly loves a girl but then in his mind he may have a doubt that the girl doesn't love him equally or that he may think that the girl doesn't want to be with him anymore but doesn't tell him either and so being a true man he would rather not fight for such a girl because there is no point in fighting for someone who doesn't care about them, right?

    Yes, there can be some exceptions. In your case also it seems like the same thing

    • @serious why can't he just make it simple and just call to see if i still want him or not? is it bc he's 20 and just simply doesn't know what to do? what would u do at 20 years old if u were him? if ur fam didn't like your wonderful supportive girlfriend and if u let them get in the way of u two seeing each other and she broke up with u. would u call her?

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    • Sorry for the few mistakes that I made in typing

    • To be honest with you, I really doubt that he is serious about you, at least he is not 100% serious about this. His behaviour is confusing. What I would suggest is wait for a few days or whatever time you think is appropriate and if the same signs continue then you should consider other options.

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  • The thing is.. u broke up with him so he thought u dont want him no more?

    • see i broke up with him before and the next day he surprisingly came over with snacks that i like and said he'll never hurt me again. but he did...
      are guys really that simple and not like the movies at all? do they really feel that we dont want u just bc we break up? i mean, i went through with it because he wasn't even fighting or arguing with me about my decision. and he legit hurt me this time. i had a right to break up with him. he just didn't fight...

    • I don't know about that but depend on how harsh the 2nd brk was and also if he could be threaten by his parents since they doesn't approve of ur relationship

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