Is it obvious?

As a girl, I always find that guys are obvious when they like me. No matter how subtle they think they are, there's just this sixth sense I have about guys who like me. (It's kind of a curse because 100% of the time I don't like them back.)

I wanted to know if it's the same for guys: do you KNOW when a girl likes you (even though she didn't flirt with you), or are you clueless until she tells you or flirts heavily?


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  • For me, it's easier to tell when a girl likes another guy or vice versa. I'm not part of the equation then and I pick up on a lot of clues I don't notice about myself and so on. Now, I can kinda tell when a girl likes me but it depends on a few things until she starts to flirt a lot. Like, sometimes how a girl smiles and looks at me will obviously give me hints but you girls are very sneaky at times. Not a bad sneaky, a flirty kind of sneaky.


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