Why is my ex not showing up on Skype anymore?

We were together for 3 years in a LDR. He dumped me 6 months ago. We were on and off after that, trying to be friends and stuff, but it didn't work out because I still had feelings for him. And he was leading me on. Anways, he use to be online on Skype all the time. He put it to log in as soon as he turns his PC on. It was like that while we were together and also when we broke up. It's just recently that he stopped showing. He is online on this one other program called Steam, used for video games. He didn't brother to turn that one in offline mode, even though we are friends there too (even though I barely log in there because I don't play games that often). It also logs in the moment he turns his PC on. But he does play games and I guess he has a reason to be there, but no more reason to be on skype? We didn't got into a fight or anything, the last time we talked was a week ago, just some casual stuff. I asked him why he isn't on Skype anymore and he said he just forgets to log in. He does log in like once a week, though.

I'm sorry for asking such a stupid question, but I'm just really curious. Is it because of me that he doesn't want to log in on skype? He knows I still have feelings for him (at least I did like a month ago, I noticed I'm slowly getting over him), maybe he wants to stay away from me because of that? Or maybe because he doesn't want to get tempted to chat me? Or is it that he really just forgets to log in (that would mean that he forgets that I exist and doesn't care if I'm online, doesn't even think about me)? He used to keep tabs on me long after we broke up (he doesn't have facebook but he would stalk me from his friend's facebook, and he would always somehow find out what I was doing that day like CIA agent!). Why is he showing on Skype once a week then? Or I'm overanalyzing and it has nothing to do with anything?

Once again I'm sorry for long and stupid post, but that goddamn Skype was our only connection and I find it hard to let it go, even though I know I must and will eventually.


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  • It really could just be any of the potentialities you already mentioned.


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  • He's obviously just got bored of leading you on and moved on, he sounds like a complete idiot... i know the type really... been there before with a guy... don't let him manipulate you and make you blame yourself, things didn't work out so move on too, don't think about him and just take him off Skype if it bothers you so much, you have feelings for him still so it's just not possible for you to be friends, ex's usually NEVER make friends ether... too much history... it's too weird after.


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