Guys, ending it with my boyfriend, have I made it clear?

Been with him for 7 years. He suffers from depression and gets panic attacks. I've tried to support him but i no longer can. He shuts down on me, doesn't call or pick up calls, or reply to messages. He still will keep in contact with his family. To keep things short, I have reached the end of my rope with him and can't do it anymore. Dating him has become the same as being alone. This relationship has become one sided and I want to leave now, its unfair to me.

I've tried to reach out to him a number of times and he ignores me. I have sent him a message saying i will no longer be contacting you. I have tried everything and have been unable to help you. You may contact me if he would like, however I have no expectation for you to do so. I hope you continue seeing your psychiatrist. He ignored the message.

Will he get that it is over now?


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  • It does not matter if he gets the point. You cannot stay in this purely one-sided relationship. Your very life depends upon moving on without guilt. May you find new life and comfort in a genuinely mutual loving and caring relationship.

  • It sounds pretty clear
    But maybe in person would be preferable instead of a message?

    • I can't meet up with him when he won't even pick up my phone calls or respond to messages. I didn't want to end a over 7 year relationship with a text message. I had no other option.

    • If he's being that reclusive, then I guess ya did the best you can do

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